Thermopac Success Stories

Thermopac is engaged in recycling at used engine oil for the last two decades. We make the best use of waste oil by removing deteriorated components and impurities.

The End-product produced by Re-Refining true turnkey plant produces base oil at various grades.

Using this end product, for example, various grades of polished base oil, various types of liquid are solid lubricants that can be manufactured by returning the entire oil to the consumers.

This approach contributes to the true reuse of waste oil in a risk freeway. These are fundamentally three

primary streams:

  • Recycling at waste oil for re-use as a lubricant oil
  • Conversion reused as a heavy fuel oil
  • Conversion to use as a supplementary fuel also offers the latest in-house technology to build the advanced used oil re-refining plants which is completely indigenous and is tested to provide maximum yield from the used oil in an environment-friendly manner.

  • Skid mounted modular design: It makes transportation and erection more convenient and very smooth process. One of the best advantages is that you can enhance your plant capacity by adding the modules without any additional infrastructure. In short possible downtime and shut down.
  • Thermo-wiped film evaporator: Technology is flexible to feedstock variability such as lube oil containing a high amount of water, low boiler, additives, and transformer oils, hydraulic and synthetic oils.
  • Environmental friendly: Scrubbing system to take care of other harmful gasses, moreover, the media-based polishing system is regenerate, able to absorb harmful substance which is easy to dispose of.
  • Complete automation: The operation of the plant is fully controlled and remote-controlled by a PLC and Scada which centralize all control and monitoring systems to allow plant operation in a steady, reliable and safe manner.

Thermopac has constructed 22 re-refining plants in the 5 different continents and all these plants manufacturer environmentally friendly re-refined lube oil.