Thermopac is the best choice for constructing re-refinery, here’s why. Since inception in 1986, Thermopac has developed in-house technology for lower CapEx and higher yields. We have the state of the art Manufacturing facility located at Rabale near Navi Mumbai. We manufacture all key equipments like evaporator, distillation columns, etc. and forward integration for grease, lubricants, etc.

We have constructed more than 25 Re-refining plants in 5 different Continents. in the last 14 years. All these Re-refinery plants manufacture environment-friendly re-refined plant lube oil.

We build refineries with modular construction with a room to enhance the capacity. We take pride to mention that Thermopac is the only company that is building true turnkey re-refinery plants all over the world.

Delivering the Customer Expectations

  • Feedstock Variability – No customer can guarantee the quality of used oil which comes from the market. Hence the re-refining plant should be capable of handling all the variations and deliver the promised output and end quality
  • True Turnkey – piping, platforms, staircase, ladders and the entire skid should be well planned so that the actual installation should be done smoothly
  • End-to-End solutions wherein only civil work should be done at the customer’s end
  • Modular Plant – smooth expansion without adding any infrastructure Complete automation and user-friendly operation – environmental friendly
  • Engineering support for all the balance activities like tank farms, etc (one-stop solutions)
  • Ease of installation and quick commissioning
  • Delivering necessary throughput and end quality as per the agreement Effective after sales service
  • Feedstock Variability
  • True Turnkey
  • End-to-End
  • Modular Plant
  • Engineering
  • Ease
  • Delivering