What is the Thermopac Used Oil Re-Refining plant process?
What competing technologies are used for Used Oil Re-Refining Plant?
What are the advantages of Thermopac process over the others?
What is Group I / Group II Base Lube Oil?
What feedstock(s) can I use?
What is base oil end-product yield and by-products from your process?
What plant sizes are offered?
How much does it cost to build a plant?
What services does Thermopac offer?
How long does it take to build a plant?
What plants have you delivered?
What are the operating costs for one of your plants?
What are the plant emissions and what pollution control measures are used?
How many people does it take to operate one of your plants?
What are the most important considerations in having a successful re-refining plant?
How much does used oil feed cost and what is the value of your products?
How many planned shutdowns are required?
What are the by-products of your process?